Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Service
What exactly is ?
Barjobs is a simple and fun way for job seekers and employers to connect specifically in the hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, catering). Job seekers who are looking for a full or part time job in the "biz", now have a platform. Employers looking for help, can type in there zip code and a full list of job seekers profiles will become available for them to be able to view, giving them the option to be able to contact who they may have an interest in hiring. Along with this option, employers who are members of also have the ability to post jobs if they have a specific position available that they'd like to be contacted about.
Why should job seekers and employers join
Why not? Whether your a job seeker looking for a second job to supplemement your income, or already in the business and looking for a better opportunity, you now have a platform. Not only is it fun and easy to use, but it's 100% free for all job seekers. We give you an opportunity to let the employers (and the jobs) come to you. Employers who are in need of bartenders, food servers, kitchen staff, cocktail/bottle waitresses, and security help can use our service to help out with all of there needs in a fast,private, simple, and cost effective manner.
Is this a social network? Can I speak to other people in the industry and view other profiles ?
This is strictly a place for connecting between employers and people seeking a job in the hospitality business (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, catering ). Employers do have the ability to view applicants pictures and profiles, and are able contact them through the barjobs messaging system. When using the messaging system, it enables the job seeker to interactively respond to the message left from the employer interested in contacting them. As of right now, job seekers can only view other job seekers pictures not there full profiles. We do however have some fun and "interactive events" coming that only apply to our job seekers...stay tuned !
Why is donating 10% of revenue generated from our employers to Autism Speaks and to the Lone Survivor foundation ?
Our founder and CEO has two family members who are autistic, one of which is his younger brother. He knows all too well how challenging of a disorder autism can be not only for the children and people who have it, but also on the family members. Autism Speaks helps fund autism reasearch, awareness, advocacy, and family services. The Lone Survivor Foundation was established in February 2010 by Navy SEAL(Ret) Marcus Luttrell, author of the NY Times best-selling book, Lone Survivor. The Lone Survivor Foundation provides exceptional therapeutic, outdoor, and unique opportunities that optimize recovery and healing of affected American wounded service members and their families. It is for this reason that he's chosen to donate a percentage of revenue generated from employers who use barjobs to Autism Speaks and the Lone Survivor Foundation, both which are recgonized as a 501(c)(3)non profit by the IRS.
How do I know that my private information is safe and secure ? uses a Cisco PIX 506e firewall along with a managed antivirus system by Sophos which is tested every single day (for hackers) and has a 24 x 7 monitoring system. According to research, sites scanned and managed on a daily basis (like we do) limits the possibility of hacker and other criminal activities taking place. As far as the information you display on your profile, we're very careful about that too. Non members are prohibited from viewing any of your personal or contact information. Your personal email addresses and phone numbers are not viewed by other members unless you allow this on your profile. Your personal information will also never be rented, shared , or sold... seriously. We also DO NOT use spam, or any of those services which we all find very annoying.
Job Seekers
Is this a free service?
Absolutely 100% free to join for all job seekers.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
Click the link on the home page in the top right hand corner below the login option. Once we receive your email message, your password will be automatically reset and sent to you.
Why should I use barjobs messaging system instead of my personal email account ?
There are many reasons to use barjobs messaging system, the most important one obviously is for privacy reasons. When you don't reveal your personal email and info to members, it limits their ability to contact you for reasons other than employment. (like spam,etc.) Another reason to use our messaging system is to avoid confusion. We all know how many "unimportant" messages we recieve in our inboxes on a daily basis, by using mybarlink's messaging system, it's impossible to miss or overlook an important message from an employer who needs to put you to work asap.
Why are photos (headshots suggested) mandatory in order to create a profile ?
Our objective is to help get you hired regardless of your physical appearance. We do believe that by including a personal profile photo, employers get a better look into who you are along with learning something about your personality. This feature greatly increases your chances for job opportunites and is just one of many ways that is staying ahead of the competition in helping you find employment.
Is my personal information shared or sold to any other outside companies?
Absolutely NOT, every member's information on is kept completely private and not shared with anyone.
How do I post a resume?
During the registration process, all job seeker accounts will need to create their own custom profile. These profiles are essentially your online resume, with our own custom features. Users will have the ability to write their own commentary and post any specific resume experience. You can later change or update your profile at any time by clicking "Edit Profile" once logged into your account.
How do I choose to upload a photo to my profile?
To upload a personal profile picture or venue image (for creating a job listing) click "browse", locate and select the picture you want to use on your computer. Once this is done, click "upload" and your image will appear in our photo preview box in a matter of seconds.
How will I know if an employer is trying to contact me?
You will know an employer is trying to contact you when you recieve a message sent to your personal email account stating that you have a message in your barjobs message system. You would then login to your account and view the message and decide what avenues to pursue next. (reply, decline, not respond)
Do I need experience in the field I'm interested in working?
No you don't. While being experienced in any field does help and some employers ( depending on the place), only take job seekers with experience, alot of establishments are willing to train you on the job. It doesn't hurt to speak to the employer directly and express how you can be an asset to there establishment through hard work, dedication, and having a positive attitude regardless of any situation you may encounter.
How do I upload a YouTube video to my profile?
When posting a video on your profile, it truly is like a pre-interview and could really speed up the screening process that employers use. Whether you sit in front of the camera and talk about how much experience you have in the field your working in, or you talk about how eager you are to learn and get involved in the field, this is a chance to give employers the opportunity get to glimpse of who you are as a person. Be creative with it , have fun, but please don't violate our Terms of Use policy! Once you've filmed yourself, download your video onto your computer either through a USB connection or by inserting your recorded DVD into your computer's DVD drive, then save the video in a format that YouTube can accept and upload it to YouTube. After you've uploaded it, take the URL and paste it in the blank field in your profile that states video upload. Employers will be able to then go to this link and view your video via youtube.
How do I post a job?
In order to post a job, you must have an employer account. Once logged into your account, simply click the "post a job" option on your account dashboard. This will take you to the new listing form where you can give specific job requirements, upload a company logo or venue image, and choose your preferred method for being contacted.
How do I search the database for job seekers?
To search our database for potential employees, simply type in your zip code and select the work experience you are looking for. A list of the nearest job seekers photos and profiles will appear for you to view to let you decide who you would like to contact about possible employment.
How do I change my user info?
Once logged in, click "Edit Profile" on your account menu to access and revise your custom profile. Remember to click "save" at the bottom of the form in order to complete your profile update.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, go to the home page and in the top right corner underneath the login key you can click on "forgot password". From there just type in your email address and we'll reset your password for you.
Are background checks available for potential employees?
Yes. We use an outside company called Lexis Nexis, one of the nation's leaders in background checks. They provide an easy to use tool that can get you a response in seconds, but at the same time, preserving everyones private information (like there social security numbers). Standard background checks focus on 2 major areas, idenity checks, and national criminal searches. Background checks through mybarlink (via Lexis Nexis) cost $9.99 per candidate search.
How do I write a testimonial on my experience with barjobs or tell you on what area your site can improve on?
To write a testimonial, or if you have any suggestions on how you think we can improve our service, please send us an email to . We would greatly appreciate it and love to hear from you !
Why is there a recurring fee on my credit card ?
All Employer accounts are either yearly or monthly memberships. Depending on which plan you've subscribed to, you will see a monthly or yearly recurring charge on your credit card. Any additional charges may be in relation to a background check you have purchased, if you have additional questions please contact us by sending an email to .
Why should I use barjobs messaging system?
The advantage to using barjobs messaging system is to avoid being bombarded by hundreds of phone calls and emails when you have a job opening. By using our messaging system, you (the employer or manager) get to specifically search the database to see who you would like to contact or interview, not the other way around.
I want to advertise my establishment / business on you site, who should I contact?
For information on this topic, please send us a message via email to in which a member of our team will gladly respond to.
Why is the interested job seeker menu located in the messaging system?
If you have posted a job listing, all registered job seekers on our network can let you know they are interested. If a job seeker tells you they are interested, their profile shortcut tab will appear in this section of your messaging system. You can then browse this list which provides their picture, username, and experience. This allows you to quickly view their full profiles and decide if you'd like to contact them.